What to Wear

Ok, it’s the morning of your photo session and gasp! you cannot figure out what to wear. In order to ensure your family and/or your kids are dressed in a way that you’re going to be happy with, we have put together a list of wardrobe tips.

Our ultimate goal is to create beautiful photographs for you to cherish. In order to accomplish that, it is important to consider what looks best in front of the camera.

We have come up with a quick list of things to consider when you are putting together your wardrobe for your session:

  • Complement one another with your wardrobe without being too matchy matchy.
  • Pick 2-3 colors for your color scheme, and if you plan to hang any prints in your home, take into consideration the wall colors in your house before you pick your wardrobe colors. As a general rule, you should avoid all white and all black.
  • Do not be afraid of color! And an accent color that is carried throughout your family’s wardrobe choices (think ties, necklaces, bows, shoes, etc.) can really bring the look together.
  • If you have something with a pattern to it, our general rule is no more than one patterned piece for every three people in the photo. Simple patterns, polka dots, and some plaids photograph nicely, but avoid stripes and large logos.
  • Layers are great because they add depth and texture to a photo. Plus, you can easily mix up your look throughout the session without doing a complete wardrobe change.
  • Accessorize! Hats, scarves, blazers, necklaces, ties, etc. can add a lot of interest as well as a unique style touch.
  • Ladies, try to steer clear of boatneck-style tops.


If you have any questions about your wardrobe, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can also visit us on Pinterest and check out our various color boards for inspiration.


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