Three Questions to Ask Before Picking a Wedding Photographer

March 28, 2019 Blog FAQ

You’ve scrolled through their website and checked up on their social media channels. How can you really know if this photographer is a good fit for your wedding day?

With these few questions and a meet and greet, you’ll be confident you’re making the right decision!

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The Whole Picture

Literally. You should ask to see an example of an entire wedding – not just the photographer’s highlight reel from Instagram or their blog.

Without viewing an entire wedding that the photographer has delivered to a previous client, it’s very hard to tell what moments they are used to capturing, how they see and portray the day, and what your wedding will ultimately look like when it is delivered to you. If you take a peek at a photographer’s full wedding, you will have a great grasp on the investment you are making.

Whitewood Photography’s Answer:

Yes! This is so important! I want to be sure that you are hiring the right person to document your memories, and this is an excellent way to really grasp a photographer’s overall style – especially if descriptors like photojournalism, fine art photography, classic, and modern leave you scratching your head.

The tough thing with sharing a full wedding is that there’s no one size fits all wedding. Each wedding is as unique as the people getting married. To help give a fuller picture, I have made four full weddings available on my website:

    • Walter + Heather’s wedding is a great example of a church wedding with an urban reception.
    • Adam + Taylor’s wedding an example of a beautiful hill country wedding with some glam flair.
    • Freddy + Homer’s wedding was perfectly classic. Their ceremony and reception both took place at the same downtown San Antonio venue.
    • Levi + Jordan’s wedding is a beautiful example of a low key garden wedding ceremony without reception.

Education & Training

A good photographer is not just someone with a nice camera. They should be able to show professional credentials that equip them to document your wedding day.

Whitewood Photography’s Answer:

I attended the University of Texas at Austin, where I received my Bachelor’s in Photojournalism (to be specific, my degree is a Bachelor of Journalism, and my focus was on photojournalism, but I think the former does a good job of capturing that, right?!).

Before I completed my degree, I started working in the field of wedding photography by assisting and second shooting for an established San Antonio wedding photographer during the summers and weekends when I could get down from Austin. It was SO MUCH FUN. I was hooked. This was back in the day of film and only film. I still remember the rush of trying to load film quickly to avoid missing a special moment.

After I received my degree in 2006, I worked for three established Austin area wedding photographers. I assisted them at shoots and weddings, did post-production on their images (it was time to go digital!), and ran a lot of the business end for them. I learned A. LOT.

Over the past decade (and beyond, now), I have been a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) as well as the Wedding Photojournalists Association (WPJA). I am also active in San Antonio’s local wedding photographer community.

I bring a lot of experience to the table, and I also work hard to further my education so as to never stagnate. Learning is a lifelong journey!

Time management

How a photographer manages their time – and yours! – on your wedding day will affect your experience. Ensure you get an understanding of the photographer’s working style.

Whitewood Photography’s Answer:

Though I love being creative and most of my hobbies revolve around creative pursuits (baking, knitting, gardening, reading), I am a TOTAL type A organized freak. If you need any help organizing your day, I am happy to help. I also assist my clients in developing a timeline for their family photos – the ones your parents will really love, and I can keep this as trim on your timeline as you need it to be. I can summon up the former dance team officer in me and be loud enough to corral even the most uncooperative Uncle Bob out there. 😉

I am also very conscientious and never want to infringe on my clients’ day or create memories for them. As a photojournalist, I am there to be a visual storyteller – to document what is happening in a beautiful way.

Meet & Greet

Before you commit to a photographer, it’s important to confirm you get along on a personal level. Remember that your photographer will be with you pretty much the whole day on your wedding day, and it would be incredibly unfortunate to have someone you do not particularly like near you all day on your wedding day.

Whitewood Photography’s Answer:

Meeting new people is one of my favorite things about this job! And I do want to ensure that we will work well together, so if you’re in San Antonio, I would love to buy your beverage of choice – coffee, Topo Chico, beer, Scotch, you name it! – and talk about what you’re looking for and any concerns you might have. If you’d like to meet, check out my schedule and reserve some time (or you can email me and I’ll get back to you within one business day).

If you’re not in San Antonio, let’s set up a time to chat either on the phone or via FaceTime/Skype. Just reach out to me via email. I would love to get to know you, hear your story, and we are a good match for your wedding day.


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